57 Valentine's Day Cookies That Will Show How Much You Care (2024)

57 Valentine's Day Cookies That Will Show How Much You Care (1)

If you’re truly looking to impress this Valentine’s Day, you’ve got to go homemade. Sure, you could just go with another store-bought box of chocolates or candy for your boo, but there’s nothing better than freshly baked cookies, and that goes double on this romantic holiday. Honestly, whether you’re wooing a lover, are baking for a V-Day party crowd, or just want to show your friends how much you care, these 57 Valentine’s Day cookie recipes are the best way to do it. Bonus: Everyone loves and appreciates a batch of cookies, especially hard-to-shop-for friends and lovers.

Whether you’re a master baker or a kitchen novice, we’ve included options for you here. We’ve got the classics, of course, like chocolate chip, snickerdoodles, heart-shaped sugar cookies, and chocolate crinkle cookies. If you’re looking for something that’ll take even the most average cookie recipe to the next level, may we recommend browning your butter? You won’t believe the depth of flavor it adds. Check out our brown butter snickerdoodles or our brown butter chocolate chip cookies as proof of concept, then try it out on your own.

Speaking of chocolate chip, you could also make that classic cookie extra exciting with a number of different mix-ins. Our cherry chocolate chip cookies, our peanut butter chocolate chip cookies, our brookies (half brownie!), or our potato chip cookies are all good examples, but feel free to get creative.

We’ve also got some recipes here that admittedly do take a bit of extra time and effort. Trust us when we say that our French macarons, our Italian rainbow cookies, our lace cookies, our tiramisu cookie cups, and our creme brûlée sugar cookies are totally worth it.

Want even more Valentine’s Day inspiration? Check out our favorite Valentine’s Day cakes, our best romantic dinners for two, and our favorite Valentine’s co*cktails too.


Heart-Shaped Sugar Cookies

57 Valentine's Day Cookies That Will Show How Much You Care (3)

What could be sweeter than baking the cutest heart-shaped cookies for your special someone (or yourself) this Valentine's? We went with a cream cheese frosting, but feel free to go with buttercream if you like. Dye the frosting any colors you wish and use any sprinkles your heart desires.

Get the Heart Cookies recipe.


Strawberry Love Notes

57 Valentine's Day Cookies That Will Show How Much You Care (4)

Valentine's Day doesn't need to be over-the-top lovey dovey or seriously sad and depressing. Instead, February 14 should be fun! These strawberry "love notes" are the most fun—to make, to give, and to eat.

Get the Strawberry Love Notes recipe.


Chocolate Hazelnut Thumbprint Cookies

Andrew bui

Move over peanut butter blossoms, there's a new flavor in town. You’ll fall in love with hazelnut flour once you realize how nutty it makes these gianduja-inspired cookies. Melted chocolate adds extra cocoa punch to the dough, while rich and creamy Nutella tops them off.

Get the Chocolate Hazelnut Thumbprint Cookies recipe.

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Classic Linzer Cookies

Parker Feierbach

We love the combination of the flavorful, rich cookie and the sweet fruity jam. Linzers are a classic sandwich cookie, which means they're not the fastest to throw together—patience is key, but we can guarantee these are well worth the wait.

Get the Classic Linzer Cookies recipe.


Best-Ever Chocolate Chip Cookies

We've made our fair share of variations on the chocolate chip cookie over the years, from chewy to brown butter, but this recipe takes the cake: They’re the most classic, least-fussy version—exactly what you want when you’re looking for a no-frills, soft, and fudgy cookie.

Get the Best-Ever Chocolate Chip Cookies recipe.


Brown Butter Snickerdoodle Cookies


Snickerdoodles are only made better by nutty, brown butter. These are chewy with pillowy soft centers and that classic snickerdoodle tang. As they cool, they settle into cracked and wrinkly cookies, which, in our opinion, are the very best kind.

Get the Brown Butter Snickerdoodle Cookies recipe.

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Oreo Cookie Cake

57 Valentine's Day Cookies That Will Show How Much You Care (9)

This version of our OG cookie cake takes things to the next level by putting cookies INSIDE the "cake". It’s packed with chopped Oreos (in place of chocolate chips), decorated with a rich Oreo buttercream (in place of plain chocolate or vanilla), and crowned with even more Oreos. 😍

Get the Oreo Cookie Cake recipe.


French Macarons

57 Valentine's Day Cookies That Will Show How Much You Care (10)

These delicate French cookies are somehow simultaneously crispy, chewy, soft, and light as air. This makes them the perfect blank canvas for creative flavors and colors. Make sure all your ingredients are room temperature to achieve the greatest success.

Get the French Macarons recipe.


Copycat Crumbl Chilled Sugar Cookie


Crumbl’s chilled sugar cookie may no longer be on their permanent menu, but now you can make it at home to have any time you want. Their signature giant cookie is an almond sugar cookie with a pretty pink frosting. It doesn't traditionally have sprinkles, but we think they're fun, especially for V-Day!

Get the Copycat Crumbl Chilled Sugar Cookie recipe.

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Cannoli Cookies


If you love cannoli, but making them from scratch seems daunting, let us introduce you to these cookies. They have all of the flavors you love in a cannoli, like ricotta, orange zest, mini chocolate chips, and pistachios, yet they require just a fraction of the effort (perfect for a busy Valentine's Day!).

Get the Cannoli Cookies recipe.


Cookie Brittle

57 Valentine's Day Cookies That Will Show How Much You Care (13)

Cookie brittle is a particularly great hack for the holidays or any time you’re entertaining when you don’t have time or the oven space to bake multiple trays of cookies. Think of it like a faster, easier way to make a big batch of chocolate chip cookies. 😍

Get the Cookie Brittle recipe.


Ube Crinkle Cookies


With its striking color and a unique nutty vanilla flavor profile, ube has taken over the world. Upgrade your average crinkle cookie this Valentine's with ube extract and ube halaya, a popular Filipino pudding made with ube and condensed milk. Your love won't know what hit 'em!

Get the Ube Crinkle Cookies recipe.

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Strawberry Shortcake Cookies

57 Valentine's Day Cookies That Will Show How Much You Care (15)

It took many, many rounds of testing to get these cookies just right. Our biggest piece of advice is to not be afraid of mess. Covering the cream cheese with cookie dough is a messy task (especially with the fresh strawberries!), but we promise you it's worth it a million times over.

Get the Strawberry Shortcake Cookies recipe.


Cake Mix Cookies

57 Valentine's Day Cookies That Will Show How Much You Care (16)

If you’re looking for a last-minute homemade dessert this time of year, this recipe will give you festive cookies with just a few ingredients. All you need is a box of cake mix (any flavor!) and sprinkles.

Get the Cake Mix Cookies recipe.


Italian Rainbow Cookies

In this Italian classic, almond-flavored cakes are sandwiched between chocolate with layers of raspberry and apricot jam. It's true these do take some patience, but we promise, it's VERY worth the effort.

Get the Italian Rainbow Cookies recipe.

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Lemon Shortbread Cookies

57 Valentine's Day Cookies That Will Show How Much You Care (18)

It doesn't get more classic and understated than shortbread, and here they have a hint of lemon to brighten up the classic melt-in-your-mouth buttery cookie. Just a tablespoon of lemon zest infuses these cookies with lemon punch since all the fragrant oils of a lemon live in the peel.

Get the Lemon Shortbread Cookies recipe.


Sugar Cookies

57 Valentine's Day Cookies That Will Show How Much You Care (19)

Here at Delish, we love all cookies *equally*—but we hold a special place in our hearts for soft sugar cookies. Crisp around the edges and soft and chewy in the center, these simple, classic treats are hard to beat.

Get the Sugar Cookies recipe.


Potato Chip Cookies

57 Valentine's Day Cookies That Will Show How Much You Care (20)

Love chocolate chip cookies? Prepare to meet your new obsession. Sweet and salty, crunchy on the outside and chewy in the center, these potato chip cookies take everything we love about the classic chocolate chip cookie and crank up the volume—big time.

Get the Potato Chip Cookies recipe.

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Chocolate Shortbread


If you’re looking for an easy and classic addition to your baking repertoire, chocolate shortbread should be your next bake. Slightly crisp with a meltingly tender texture, they're the perfect cookie alternative to paper Valentines this year.

Get the Chocolate Shortbread recipe.


Creme Brûlée Sugar Cookies

Parker Feierbach

Caramelized sugar is our new favorite frosting sub (though don't worry, there's a little cream cheese frosting under there too). Don't have a kitchen torch? Try sticking these under the broiler.

Get the Creme Brûlée Sugar Cookies recipe.

57 Valentine's Day Cookies That Will Show How Much You Care (2024)
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